Quick Math

Quick Math

This game will help your kids improve their math skills
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Quick Math is an educational math game for kids. With it, they will learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide. The game shows simple equations which are solved by simply adding the right arithmetic symbol to get the right answer. The game comes with a timer which will run until you complete twenty equations. You can note down the time to see how fast you're able to finish. The goal of the game is to complete equations correctly and quickly to score points. The more errors you make, the less points you win. Quick Math is a fine educational game but it could be better if it had different difficulty levels. Some equations are too easy. The game can be played on full screen or in a reduced window. There is a background music and sounds effects for correct and wrong answers that can be deactivated by clicking on the 'Options' menu.

In conclusion, this is a good game for teaching maths to kids. Children will learn while playing. And that's the main advantage of the game. It will help kids think faster and improve their math skills.
To sum it all up, I like that the game has been developed on the base of educational principles to attract child's attention.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • You just have to click on the arithmetic symbols to complete equations
  • Developed on the base of educational principles to attract child's attention


  • Some equations are too easy
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